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9 Inexpensive Ways To Reach Your Customers Working From Home

Like many of us, our customers, (and our employees) are “social distancing” themselves by working from home. Even though they are not out and around visiting businesses like yours, you can still reach them by catering to their new work environment. During this time of constantly changing conditions, your gift can bring needed comfort and increased productivity to those balancing work and life; from their homes. What’s more, is these gift ideas will be useful long after this brief furlong passes.

During this uncertainty, a well thought out product, that your base will use beyond these work from home days, can go a long way to build brand loyalty, while exhibiting empathy and promoting convenience and productivity. And the best part, is these considerate items don’t have to break the bank either. Here are some examples:

Journals and Notebooks

Recycled Journals and Notepads and organizer books, complete with your brand or advertising message, are great ways to show you care about your customer and you are environmentally responsible. Not to mention they are useful products that offers months branding.

Postcard Mailers Come in Many Economical Forms

Direct mailers are like an unexpected holiday gift when it arrives. And mailers can include useful gifts like cleaning cloths, magnets, loyalty cards to get your customers to engage your business.

Coasters are Great Ways to Show Off Your Brand at the Work Stations

Invariably, someone working from home will have a drink near their workspace, at least the morning coffee. Having a coaster nearby with your brand or message in full color is a constant reminder of your message.

Branded Snack Packs Offer Comfort

Who doesn’t need delicious snacks while working the grind. Comfort and protein rich nut snacks are a great way to promote your brand and show you want your customer to keep on keeping on.

Stylus Pens Offer Multi-Use Efficiency

No advertising is more economical, nor useful, than a great pen. Although there are thousands on the market, pens that have more than one use will surely be received as thoughtful and useful for months to come. For example, pens with an electronics Stylus can be useful throughout the standard work day.

Wireless Ear Buds Help Keep Work Hands Free

Working remotely means some form of communication with the home office. That usually means conference calls, at the very least. Wireless earbuds, complete with your branding remind your community that you want them to succeed, but more importantly, stay with them for

Memory Drives Help Retain Work for the Return to the Office

Work from home means producing work on your own. It is likely, your customer or employee will need to save their work for their return to the rat race. Storage devices are a very economical way to advertise your brand, with a tool that will be used and kept well into the future.

Mobile Stands Aid in Efficiency

Being efficient means going hands-free. Mobile stands are a great way to keep hands productive while still monitoring meetings or calls on a mobile device.

Who Doesn’t Want a Break with Tunes

Who doesn’t need broadcast sounds of music or other broadcasts while confined to work spaces. Wireless speakers are upgraded gifts, and well desired during changing work environments.

Your customers’ new work environment will certainly be a change to their norm, but you and your brand can certainly make lasting impressions with branded gifts that make their short life transition easier to adapt to, with thoughtful and useful products.

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