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Kevin T Williams
5 min readJul 27, 2017


by Kevin T Williams, REV Branding

Come on, fess up!

There are times when you feel that the “one-size-fits-all” company-branded gift you just gave your business client doesn’t really excite them enough to keep your brand in front of their mind. What’s worse is when your suspicions are confirmed with the client saying something like,

“This is great, thank you. I have six just like this back at my office.”,


“My kids love these things,”

which of course means the customer or prospect you gave that branded gift you thought was so awesome to, will never see it, (nor your branding), again, only to forever be lost in the depths of their children’s toy chest.

Fortunately, there is a practical and unique way around that sinking feeling, that will ensure your customer remembers you and your valuable branding.

Useful Gift Kits !

Gift Kits can target any market, can be broad enough for appropriate gift giving in many scenarios, and can be created with items that suit your own style and tastes, spreading the culture of your unique company.

In many cases, selecting a diversified product line usually means some sort of container with a few other items included, all with your branding. Smart buyers will also capitalize on the container to include some sort of additional information, like event instructions, or sales solicitations, or company educational literature. With the help of a good distributor, a multitude of options can fit any budget or occasion, and leave a lasting impression of you and your brand. According to a recent Advertising Specialties Institute (ASI) survey, 86% Consumers remember the brand on the gift they received.

Sports / Tourney Theme Gift Kits

Sports / Tournament Gift Kits

Making a sports themed event or tournament more memorable is as easy as selecting themed items to pair with the event. Golf is the simplest example, but any sport can be in play here. Items that blend well with the theme of the event, and can also be in use at the event are a great way to spread your brand throughout your clients’ entire experience.

Education / Back to School Gift Kits

School Student Gift Kits

Gift Kits that help students get organized are a great way to spread your brand and exhibit community support because you know the items will get used over and over by students…daily.

Seasonal Gift Kits

Seasonal Gift Kits

There are always fans of the season. Play to that natural interest by offering Gift Kits that are useful for that time of year. What better way to get your client to remember your branding by giving them items they will use throughout the season.

Conference / Tradeshow Helper Gift Kits

Essential Conference Survival Gift Kits

Anyone in business will attend a conference or tradeshow, at some point, and will be forced to lug their items around the floor for one or more days. What a relief if they had a survival pack that you gifted them. Your client will be the envy of the conference and your branding will be on center stage. On a side note, Bags and Totes generate more impressions than any other promotional item, and why not put your brand in the middle of that exposure opportunity.

Travel / On-the-Go Gift Kits

Travel, Active, On-the-Go Gift Kits

Who isn’t on the go? Whether once in a while on trips, or daily, like us, there are a ton of useful ideas that your customers will thank you for, over and over when including them in Travel or On-The-Go Gift Kits.

Auto Gift Kits

Auto Gift Kits

Americans have love affairs with their cars, always have. Why not benefit from that interest by giving your clients Gift Kits that enhance their experience with their vehicles and provide helpful auto-motive necessities. Your brand will certainly be remembered when one of your useful kits gets commissioned when your client really needs the help on the road.

Mobile Device Gift Kits

Mobile Device Assist Gift Kits are Hot

The reliance of mobile devices have opened the flood gates for businesses to extend their branding and good name with mobile device related gifts. Americans have their devices within hand-reach at all times. Which means they also need charging devices, cleaning tools, listening enhancers, and the list goes on. With the appropriate planning, your branding will also always be within reach when you give mobile device related Gift Kits.

Stand out from your competitors. When thinking about gifts, take your gift-giving a step further and offer a themed, branded Gift Kit. Your branding will be seen over and over, and your thoughtful gift will be used again and again.

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