Advertising in This New Era

Kevin T Williams
3 min readApr 13, 2020


When Most of Your Customers Are Working From Home

We are in a very different era, thanks to the difficult situations surrounding COVID-19. A world where we are all required to social distance ourselves from our friends and co workers. An era where health and personal hygiene mean everything. As a result, Americans are being forced to set new standards for working and socializing; do it all from home.

Balancing home life, work, and health can be a tall order for some, but you and your brand can make lives easier, all while advertising to your customers, (and team members) working from home. Support their efforts, and show them you care and you are right there with them with these useful (and some new) giveaways.

Coronavirus Info Magnet

Educate your community the precautions to take to stay healthy

Paper Soaps

Compact Soap to clean hands without the mess of liquid or bar soap

Antibacterial Wet Wipes

FDA Approved antibacterial wipes

Wash Your Hands Decals with Easy Off Adhesive

Help Prevent the spread of Coronavirus with instructional decals

Home Workout Essentials

Stay Healthy and Productive from Home

Full Color Gift Mailers

Reach your customers (and team members) with economical gift flyers

MultiFunction Mask Headband

Microfiber cloth, totally unique way to cover face, head, neck

And for the business…

Floor Vinyl Dots — Surface Grip Circles

Certified Slip Resistant textured matte vinyl to keep customers at a distance from each other

In these constantly changing conditions, it is important to market to your customers and team members to show you care, and with fresh, new ideas that are useful and relevant now. Bring your brand to them, and let them know you are thinking about them. They will be forever grateful.

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