Packaged Holiday Food Gifts for your Customers: 9-Reasons to NOT Buy Them Online

Kevin T Williams
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Holiday Shopping. We are all guilty of it…go online to get some standard treat gift and send it off, hoping our gift and our typed-in message arrives on-time and accurately. For the prices the dot-coms charge, there is no reason we should be subjected to “their rules”. We want to give a gift that is unique, thoughtful, and that the recipient remembers; and remembers YOU gave it to them. Your clients, team-members, and customers all love to get gifts that are special and personally tailored. Those attributes of food gift giving are rare when ordering from the big dot-coms.

The answer is simple. Order from the professionals already in your circles, who already help you with your branded gifts — your Promotional Products Distributor! Yes, surprising to most, they also offer food gifts, complete with YOUR branding and YOUR message, not theirs, and certainly not that of the big dot-coms. Counselor Magazine reports that business gift buyers rank food gifts and the #1 Holiday Gift. What’s more, food gifts are fun, loved by everyone, and let’s face it, easy to share. But before you log-on, consider these 9-reasons to NOT order from the online dot-coms, but contact your trusted Promotional Products Consultant for your holiday food gifts this year, or you can locate one near you by clicking here.

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  1. Convenience

Rather than spending hours online searching for that “perfect gift”, or worse yet, having the recipient choose a gift online, your Promotional Products Distributor can do all the work for you. Utilize the expertise and experience of the person you are already getting your promotional items from already. They are engrained in the business and can match the perfect range of gift selections to meet your criteria.

2. Gifts from your Promotional Products Expert Promote YOUR Brand

When the recipient opens the gift you gave them, the first thing they see is your brand, and only your brand. They know you are the one that was thoughtful enough to care, not the name of some dot-com. And let’s face it, food leaves a lasting memory which you will create with your custom gift.

3. Value-Driven Pricing: Custom Does Not Mean Expensive

Utilizing the seasoned experience of your promotional products supplier allows you to select fin-quality food gifts for less than you would have to pay elsewhere for stuffy, overpriced, impersonal brand names.

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4. Fresher Food Gifts Taste Better

Fresh food says something about you, the sender. Your promotional products distributor can source food gifts that are packed fresh to order just before the order is shipped, NOT made up months in advance like so many of the mail-order or dot-com retail giants.

5. People Share Food, (And share your brand as the giver)

Quality food gifts promote sharing, creating happy social occasions. And when the food is shared, so is your brand and your message; giving your gift staying power among more people than just your recipient. What better social sharing than other people bragging about your brand among their social circles.

6. Ship Direct to You or Your Recipient

With the customization your promotional products distributor offers, they can also arrange to ship your gift(s) directly to your recipient, or directly to you. And that includes any special messages, literature, and yes, even your own business card, hand-written message, or really anything you wish to include in the shipment. Big retailers will only allow you to type a message on an impersonal card that they print at the warehouse and throw it in your shipment.

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7. No Catalogs Nor Promotional Literature Packed in Your Gift

For the giant food gift companies, including their catalogs and promotional literature is a very common practice, diminishing your desired message to your recipient. Your promotional products partner will never include their literature…only yours!

8. Customize Your Gift

So what if you want to create a custom gift? Big retailers offer you “take-it-or-leave-it” gift options, while your promotional products distributor can help you create any special gift you wish; complete with your branding and your message.

9. 100% Money Back Guarantee

That’s right, 100% money back guarantee! Your promotional products distributor takes pride and responsibility for ensuring your branded gift order experience goes off without a hitch. With their expertise and relationships with manufacturers, they are so certain if their delivery to offer the guarantee. No risk to you, what can be better?

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With 62% of businesses giving food gifts for the holidays, chances are you will be considering these popular items this holiday season. Save the time and effort of getting lost on the internet looking for that special gift. Let your promotional products expert do the legwork for you. They can recommend affordable perfect matches for your needs, decorated with your branding, not theirs, without any catalogs, and all with a 100% money back guarantee.

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